Aerial Photo & Video

One of the Hardest things to do well is Aerial Photo & Video. There are so many nuances that factor into making it a GREAT shot or just an average one.Aerial PIC
Having started out as a Photographer, there is a foundation laid that cannot be easily replicated. The Vision that flows and the Creativity that comes as a Result of Hard Work, Perfecting my Craft and Constantly learning, is put into every Aerial Photo & Video I produce. I currently have over 500 flight hours on various UAV Platforms.

Being an FAA Licensed Remote Pilot is more than just a requirement for Commercial Work… it comes with Peace of Mind for all my Clients, knowing I am part of a group of Professionals, dedicated to safe operation every time we take to the air. Also federally background checked by the TSA!

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) considers drones “aircraft.” To fly commercially, even over your own property, pilots need to have what is called a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. Even if someone offers to fly “for free” in the hope that you might one day hire them, those flights are considered commercial. Not only can you get in trouble with the FAA, if there is an incident you may be personally on the hook if you or someone you hired flew without the right licenses. In fact, most insurance policies exclude coverage for drones and aircraft.

Obtaining a Part 107 commercial license requires pilots to pass a knowledge test and a background check by Homeland Security. Test takers are required to understand airspace classifications and restrictions, drone-specific regulations, weather, and a number of other topics.

When hiring a commercial drone pilot, protect yourself from liability and ask to see a copy of his or her Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. Ask for a certificate of insurance that specifically covers commercial use of unmanned aircraft. Ensure that the insurance is for at least $1 million, preferably $2 million or more.

Example Insurance covering Panamedia for $1 Million in Liability during a flight in Los Angeles.